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About Hailstorm Solutions

Since 1998, Hailstorm Solutions has been providing dry ice blasting and sandblasting services in San Diego and surrounding areas as a environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning solutions for residential customers and businesses.


Sandblasting & Dry Ice Blasting Services Offered To Our Customers

Our combined knowledge and experience gives us greater insight to the need for a variety of solutions that are both green, safe, effective, and gentle enough for the use in the food industry. Our specialties range from parking lot striping, concrete restoration, mold remediation, restaurant wall & ceiling cleaning, restaurant cleaning & restoration, vinyl ceiling cleaning, to grout & tile cleaning, and more.

There are many toxic cleaning methods that can expose harmful substances to workers, kill surrounding vegetation, and also create contamination to surrounding installations. That's why we use dry ice instead of chemicals. Dry Ice is not only environmentally friendly, but it does not release harmful gas into the atmosphere. It is safe, non toxic, and it does not generate secondary waste.

Take advantage our affordable services for a cleaner, environmentally healthier solution to cleaning. You'll be glad you did.

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